[$]: I needed Siemens Supplier (South East Asia)

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[$]: I needed Siemens Supplier (South East Asia)

Post by reymond_craig » Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:54 am

Good day colleagues,

I have requirements but I have competitors. I like to buy Siemens PLC Modules outside of Philippines so that I could surely get the project. Siemens module here are really at high :evil: price so I want to purchase it on other vendor even pay it with cash and pickup it on your office. I hope someone here is in the business of selling Siemens PLC modules. Thank you very much.

Here's the list of modules I needed:
PLC Automation parts
Item Description Brand Part number Qty Unit Remarks
1 SIEMENS, PS 307, 10A, SIEMENS 307-1KA01-0AA0 2 pc/s
2 SIEMENS, DO 16xAC120v/230v/1A, SIEMENS 6ES7 322-1FH00-0AA0 3 pc/s
3 SIEMENS, DI 32xAC 120v, SIEMENS 6ES7 321-1EL00-0AA0 3 pc/s
4 SIEMENS, IM153-1, Simatic ET200M, SIEMENS 6ES7 153-1AA03-0XB0 2 pc/s
5 SIEMENS, AI 8x12bit, SM331, SIEMENS 6ES7 331-7KF02-0AB0 2 pc/s
6 SIEMENS, AI 8xTC, SM331, SIEMENS 6ES7 331-7PF11-0AB0 2 pc/s
7 SIEMENS, AO 4x16bit, SM331, SIEMENS 6ES7 332-7ND02-0AB0 2 pc/s
10 SIEMENS USB PC adapter SIEMENS 6ES7 972-0CB20-0XA0 1 pc

Power and Control Parts
1 SIEMENS, 5SX21, C25, Breaker Switch, 1 pole SIEMENS 5SX2125-7 5 pc/s
2 SIEMENS, 5SX21, C20, Breaker Switch, 1 pole SIEMENS 5SX2120-7 5 pc/s
3 SIEMENS, 5SX21, C15, Breaker Switch, 1 pole SIEMENS 5SX2118-7 5 pc/s
4 SIEMENS, 5SX21, C10, Breaker Switch, 1 pole SIEMENS 5SX2110-7 5 pc/s
5 SIEMENS, 5SX21, C6, Breaker Switch, 1 pole SIEMENS 5SX2106-7 5 pc/s
6 SIEMENS, 5SX21, C3, Breaker Switch, 1 pole SIEMENS 5SX2103-7 32 pc/s
7 SIEMENS, I/P Transducer, Siemens Moore Siemens Moore Model 771-16BTF2 4 pc/s

Thank you very much,

You can send on my personal email the price at my email reymond_craig@yahoo.com

Sincerely yours,

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Re: [$]: I needed Siemens Supplier (South East Asia)

Post by ivan_euler » Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:57 am

hi if your still enterested email me at ivan_euler_23@yahoo.com.....much lower at seimens here in the phillipines even you pay duty taxes

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