Thumb wheel switch using for Servo position set

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Thumb wheel switch using for Servo position set

Post by bnlenka » Sun May 05, 2013 10:09 pm

Dear ALL
my name is biswanath i have one testing project for my self i am giving here the details please some one send me the leader logic for the same using cx-one (moron plc).

Mainly my requirement is:-

(1) Connecting the servo driver from PLC for operating a feeding Ruler, which is feeding the plastic roll as per required length. (after feeding length is done, stop the servo motor and wait for next cycle).

(1) Set the length for feeding throw 4 digit Thumb Wheel Switch. (number type 4 digit 9999), (For Example you set the length for feeding 1900 mm, so the servo motor rotate up to 1900 mm and after stop rotating) after we most celebrate the pulses for perfect length calculation.

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