CP 1243-7. Mobile Network. VPN

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CP 1243-7. Mobile Network. VPN

Post by MyMarc » Tue Nov 24, 2015 9:08 am

I have such equipment:
On one side - the PLC cpu1211c dc/dc/dc with communication module cp1243-7. PLC address MTS SIM card with a static address xx.xx.xxx.xx2.
On the second side - PLC cpu1214 dc/dc/dc with communication module cp1243-7. PLC address MTS SIM card with a static address xx.xx.xxx.xx1.

It is necessary to transfer data from one PLC to the second in mobile network (without TeleControl Server Basic) and configure VPN-connection.

The Tia Portal settings for each communication module:
1. Activate telecontrol communication, Activate online function, Enable S7 communication.
2. The phone number "CP phone number" in format +7914xxxxxxx.
3. Activated entering PIN. For both Sim-card it is 0000.
4. activated the Enable data services, GPRS, UMTS, LTE.
5. prescribe all APN settings for the MTS-operator. APN - internet.mts.ru. The rest of the fields are filled in automatically.
6. Preffered network> Automatic.
7. Communication modules connected to the subnet PN/IE_1.
8. Set a static IP address in the "IP-protocol." The subnet mask
9. For each of these stations a partner in the format 192.168.0.xx.
10. Firewall Enabled and Allow IP communication.
11. Autorized phone numbers - the telephone number for the SIM cards custom communication module.
12. In the setting of VPN: WAN IP address
13. Both modules are added to the VPN-group.

I set up in accordance with a manual in the 1243-7 and 1242-7 for examples set31_var2.
https://cache.industry.siemens.com/dl/f ... LTE_76.pdf
https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs ... ic- (set-31)

Problem is no network between modules. Lamps "signal quality" and "VPN" are blink. Lamp "network" and "compound" are off.

The reason for the problems found in the study of online module data :
Network status: Not connected - searching
IP address:

Static addresses are not recorded in the module. When i try to download the project to the controller 1214, a large number of messages appears:
Connection to CP 1243-7 LTE, Address, failed.
Online connection not established. Error Code 1 (Errorcode: 0x1)

I need your help. How to return the network to both modules and how to configure the VPN?
Thank you in advance.
Excuse me for my bad language.

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