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[REQUEST]: Siprotec Drivers

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 9:31 am
by metz
Hi Bros,

I have some siemens relay and don't have driver with the correct parameter set version. Could you please give me the driver of the flowing relay below:

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Ind.	Relays	Driver version	Parameter set version
1	7SJ61115EB921FA0	V4.6	V4.64.01
2	7SS52205AB921AA0	V4.6	V4.60.05
3	7SA52216AB991HB4	V4.6	V4.63.04
4	7SD52216AB390FL0	V4.6	V4.60.07
5	7VK61016AB324YN0	V4.0	V4.03.01
6	7UT61316EB921BA0	V4.6	V4.60.06
7	7SJ62115EB921FC0	V4.6	V4.64.01
Thanks & Best regards,