Connection-> S7-300 - TrySim -> PRODAVE MPI mini

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Connection-> S7-300 - TrySim -> PRODAVE MPI mini

Post by pairs8719 » Wed Mar 20, 2013 4:01 pm

Hello everybody!
I like this forum, but I can't find anywhere a software PRODAVE MPI mini and only "mini". I need this because I want to connect real PLC S7-300 with software TRYSIM.

I found some links here but most of them not work. I downloaded to PRODAVE MPI V6.0 IE
and TRYSIM software return message that he want file w95_S7m.dll .

I checked something about this file in network and this is element of PRODAVE MPI mini.

So, mayby somebody know working (dlink) to this software?

Thanks for reply :!:

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