Deleted profibus ancoder from HW configuration

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Deleted profibus ancoder from HW configuration

Post by mhosny81 » Wed Aug 22, 2018 11:21 pm

i have a problem with a vial machine where the machine have a plc siemense CPU315-2 DP and 4 micromaster VFD + encoder all are connected with profibus
the problem that some one delete the encoder from HW configuration
i check the program and i define the FC and DB for the encoder but i did not under stand any thing from the FC even after i read the encoder manual many time

for now i added the GSD file and add the encoder to the HW configuration in simatic but i need help to know what is the encoder parameter and understand this FC
by the way DB11.DBW0 and DB11.DBW from the Encoder to master
DB11.DBW4 and DB11.DBW6 from master to encoder ... 727/3c403b

hope to give me any help

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