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[?]: Ramp Pressure Tester 2 - Servo drive PC3403A

Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 6:35 pm
by vlad2006gr
In the company, there was an equipment called Ramp Pressure Tester 2 (RPT2) manufactured AGR International, Inc. installed.
On this equipment, Kollmorgen GOLDLINE XT MT306A Servo Motor and PC3403A Servo Drive were installed as well.
On the PC3403A Servo Drive there is a software to run the servo drive.
Due to malfunction of the battery, the software disappeared.
I understand the installation algorithm and also wrote a testing program.
I am left to write only one part which is related to calibration of the equipment by the benchmark manometer/gauge.

Maybe someone has the program of Servo drive PC3403A .
Thank you for your help in advance!