ELAU AG Servo Motor Replacement

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ELAU AG Servo Motor Replacement

Post by isteak007 » Fri Apr 18, 2014 1:46 am

Hello Everyone,

I have a ELAU servo motor SM 100-50-030-P0-45-R1-B0 installed in my machine. Now the motor is defective.

I am unable to find the same motor. I searched almost everywhere.
the closest i am able to get is the SM-100/50/030/P0/45/S1/B0.

Now there is some difference mine one use Resolver and available one used Sin-Cos Single Turn Encoder.

http://static.schneider-electric.us/doc ... 0Motor.pdf

Now is there any way to use this motor with my machine?

If anybody has any experience with this motor?

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