[?]: Mitsubishi magnetic drives FR-MD-AX520-37k-10

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[?]: Mitsubishi magnetic drives FR-MD-AX520-37k-10

Post by nguyenhonghao » Thu Jan 02, 2014 4:00 am

Hi all,

I have a Mitsubishi FR-MD-AX520-37k-10 drive in an air compressor, it is burned power section.
Now I move control board of FR-MD-AX520-37k drive to a FR-F520-45k drive.
Everything seems ok.
When I connect and control a small asynchronous motor, it is ok.
But when I control magnetic motor of compressor (Mitsubishi code MM-DF37k3-S1), the drive can not start motor, the motor only run around 0.5...2Hz and current around 90A with 50Hz setpoint

Please help me:

- Download FR-MD-AX520-37k-10 instruction manual. I only found the manual up to 7kW
- It is possible replace control board of FR-F520-45k drive by FR-MD-AX520-37k-10 drive to control the magnetic motor?

Thanks in advance.

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