Danfoss VLT FC 302

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Danfoss VLT FC 302

Post by chucho060 » Mon Apr 01, 2013 3:19 am

good day, I have a question, I'm migrating from a screen from ProTool to WinCC flexible, I have a PLC S7 300 plus a Danfoss VLT drives assembly 302, the three connected via Profibus.

Panel with protool<----->PLC S7 300<------> Drive Danfoss VLT

danfoss drive within the signal is coming via profibus, I need to know how shipping digital input signal connector number 19 to PLC via Profibus.

for example de bit of drive 19 terminal is in the PIW 256 .....

how to find this address , i dont know nothing about Danfoss Drive.

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