[?]: Troubles with Altivar fr.inverter

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[?]: Troubles with Altivar fr.inverter

Post by taubek » Fri Mar 04, 2011 7:42 pm


It is my first time to work with Altivar frequency inverters.
I am trying to start it, but it has a PrA fault that doesn't go off.
Wiring is ok, jumper between 24V and PWR is in, red led is on.

Another problem is, that ther is no 24V that goes to digital inputs, i guess that is because of previous fault...

It worked when i got it, but because it is my first time and i want to learn things, i want to set all parameters by my self, so i put it to factory settings. Can you help me to get rid of this PrA error please.

Best regards, Taubek

p.s. reason that i work with this inverter is a regulation around the setpoint (temperature and fan).
Higher than temperature is, faster should fan rotates. My job is to set basic frequency with analog input 1, and than i have to make this corrections with analog input2.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Re: [?]: Troubles with Altivar fr.inverter

Post by azamo12 » Sat Mar 12, 2011 1:00 pm

pls.send the drive type
ATV ????
i will help u

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