B&R Power Panel 100 calibration

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B&R Power Panel 100 calibration

Post by Gellager » Mon Feb 18, 2019 5:50 am

Good day!
Please tell me the options for calibrating the touchscreen of the B & R Power Panel 100 4PP120.1043-31 Rev.K0 without BIOS.
After the damage, the touch screen managed to calibrate.
After replacing the touchscreen with a new serviceable one, it is impossible to "push" the buttons - you need to start above the button, off-screen.
There is no project source.
A faulty touchscreen also fails to do a calibration.

Can I reset the default calibration settings?
Where is the calibration table stored?
Is there a way to immediately call calibration after power on?

I would be very grateful for any ideas! (h) (oo)

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