Request: Weihenstephan standards

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Request: Weihenstephan standards

Post by whitecap » Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:01 am

Dear friends,

did somebody touch this standard? ... tstelle_EN

Company which have it in use just give me the Tag List :

Standard Tags
WS_Tot_Bottles : Gesamtproduktion
WS_Good_Bottles : Gutproduktion
WS_Tot_Rej : Fehlproduktion
WS_Rej_Bottle_Over : Überfüllungen
WS_Rej_Bottle_Under : Unterfüllungen
WS_Rej_Bottle_Clos : Verschlussfehler (gesamt)
WS_Rej_Label_Fault : Etikettenfehler (gesamt)
WS_Rej_Date_Coding : Datierfehler
WS_Burst_Bottles : gebrochene Flaschen
WS_Cur_Mach_Spd : aktuelle Leistung
WS_Bottle_Type : aktueller Flaschentyp (setzbar)
WS_Cur_Mode : Betriebsart (Operating Mode)
WS_Cur_Prog : Programm (Program)
WS_Cur_State : Betriebszustand (Operating State)

but no more comments... No information is there some OPC server or how I can reach their Tags?....

Problem is I have not this machine for testing and I must prepare the signal exchange process between this machine and WinCC...

with Kind Regards

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