1746 BAS 502 M0/M1 module

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1746 BAS 502 M0/M1 module

Post by sandumon84 » Sun Apr 14, 2019 3:07 pm


I am upgrading a AB PLc to Siemens PLC logic and everything is ready for siemens but the problem is the existing PLC is communicating to DCS via modbus RTU as slave.

I can see some alarms and data from N10:0 register moving to M0:1.1 with a length of 50 file and from DCS M1:1.1 data moving to register N10:22 with a length of 1.

I wish to know the modbus address of this is it like N10:0=40001 and N10:22 = 400022 ?? as I need to do the same in siemens PLC with the help of modbus module


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