[?]: MicroLogic1400 to ATV71 via Ethernet/IP

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[?]: MicroLogic1400 to ATV71 via Ethernet/IP

Post by dpanic » Wed Nov 03, 2010 12:13 pm

God day for everybody
I’m new her.
I have big problem with communication from MicroLogic1400 to Schneider ATV71 with VW3A3310D or VW3A3316 communication card. VW3A3310D is ModbusTCP/EthernetIP and VW3A3316 is Ethernet/IP card. I have installed RSLogix Classic 2.54 and it is not able to recognize ATV71 (after DES file for ATV71 is installed).
It is possible to communicate between ML1400 and ATV71????????????? And if it possible ….. how? What can I do?

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Re: [?]: MicroLogic1400 to ATV71 via Ethernet/IP

Post by neuhauser » Wed Nov 03, 2010 7:57 pm

I'm not sure about the ATV71 but if it uses modbus then you should be able to exchange data.

You have to have RSLogix 500 8.20 or greater for the 1400.

Set up a message instruction (MSG) in the 1400 using modbus proto. If you're using ethernet then set up the message using channel 1 with the correct memory addresses. You can use the serial port if you have a 1763-NC01 (rs232 - rs485 bridge). Set the message up using channel 0.

I've got 4 1400s set up just for modbus to PLC 5 gateways using the serial ports. Modbus -> serial channel 0 ------> ethernet channel 1 -> PLC5 /80E

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