[?]: How to copy older Rockwell activation EVRSI

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[?]: How to copy older Rockwell activation EVRSI

Post by neuhauser » Thu Oct 28, 2010 9:33 pm

1 Get a copy of HexEdit -free.
copy the evrsi.sys file off of the activated machine to the computer you wish to activate. The file will be hidden in the root of the activated drive - most likely C:
open a command window
Edit should be C:\ (been using linux too long)

unlock the attributes of the file attrib -s -h -r evrsi.sys
Do a vol command to get the drive volume ID - hex XXXX-XXXX
Start HexEdit and open the evrsi.sys file
At the first of the file at the 4th position will be the drive vol id in REVERSE order. Change the word to match the volume id in REVERSE order of the new computer.
Save the file.
Lock the evrsi.sys file in the command window: attrib +s +h +r evrsi.sys.

Doesn't always work with multiple activation files. Never with the 1000 + activation files I posted 3 years ago.

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