[?]: What's new step7 5.4 sp4 ?

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[?]: What's new step7 5.4 sp4 ?

Post by greg2008 » Tue Aug 19, 2008 2:50 pm

What's new ?
in Russian wrote:чем отличаются step7 5.4sp4 от Sp3.1, кроме поддержки обновления операционных систем.
На Забугорном сайте вообще ничего об SP4 нет. нет ли опечатки - SR4 , а не SP4.

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Post by CoMod » Tue Aug 19, 2008 4:11 pm

Help file S7BASHDB.CHM
What's new wrote:Important changes have been made to the MS Windows Vista safety concept in STEP 7 V5.4 SP4. This concept is used in case of a new installation (STEP 7 has never been installed on this computer. In this case, most settings, such as the STEP 7 language and mnemonic method are user-defined. This means users can make settings using a PC and their login information. An exception is the setting of the configuration language for the PG/PC interface.

As of V5.4 SP4, the archiving program PKZip V12.0 CLI that ships with STEP 7 is the default program for archiving and retrieving projects and libraries. In MS Windows Vista, the ARJ.exe previously included on the CD is no longer installed since it is unsuitable for this operating system. PKZip V12.0 CLI supports the ZIP format used as default by STEP 7 and can, to some extent, also open other archive formats such as ARJ. If your previous archive format(for example -jar) is not available in MS Windows Vista or is not supported by PKZip, please retrieve your projects on your previous platform and then archive them again with PKZip V4.0 CLI in zip format.

As of V5.4 SP4 access rights for projects/libraries are displayed with a new icon

As of V5.4 SP4, new PROFINET functionalities are available: Prioritized startup , alternating partner port

As of V5.4 SP4, there is a new block library "Redundant IO CGP V5.0". in addition to the previous redundancy libraries "Redundant IO (V1)" and "Redundant IO CGP". This supports redundancy for individual channel groups and can be operated with all previous signal modules that can be operated redundantly. If you want to replace one of the libraries "Redundant IO (V1)" or "Redundant IO CGP" with the "Redundant IO CGP V5.0" library, you will first need to adapt your user program. You will find more information in the Help on Blocks context help or in the STEP 7 readme. There is an up-to-date list of the supported modules as an FAQ

As of V5.4 SP4, you can define placeholders in error texts that are then evaluated during runtime and replaced by suitable associated values in the message.

As of V5.4 SP4, a data block (DB 127) is supported for the CPU Web server.

As of V5.4 SP4, you can specify how a CPU handles messages in a separate tab.

in Russian wrote:Путаница началась из-за заплаты СП3.1. Теперь будет SR5 для Проф версии

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