[?]: CPU417-4H CPU Fault

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[?]: CPU417-4H CPU Fault

Post by counterreset » Fri Jan 06, 2012 4:19 pm

I have a redundant system of two CPUs 6ES7 417-4HL00-0AB0.
Current condition of the CPUs are:
RACK_0 CPU:EXTF(Lit), BUS2F(Blink_Blinking rate almost 2Hz), RUN(Lit), REDF(Lit), IFM1F(Lit), IFM2F(Lit), MSTR(Lit), RACK0(Lit)

RACK_1 CPU: All Leds are Flashing

I also have a fault in a DP called DP 11. I attached the pictures of the DP in the below download link. In that particular IM module SF(Lit) and BF(Flashing).

I couldn't go online with RACK_1 CPU.
I abled to go online with the RACK_0 CPU.
Download link contains the screenshot of the Hardware Configuration with Diagonostic Buffer of the RACK_0 CPU which is now taking care the system.
Download Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/vlqggw
Please guide me to recover from this condition.
Diagnostic buffer of module CPU 417-4 H
Diagnostic buffer of module CPU 417-4 H

Order No./ Description Component Version
6ES7 417-4HL00-0AB0 Hardware 3
- - - Firmware V 2.1.0

Rack: 0
Slot: 5
Event 1 of 44: Event ID 16# 39B1
I/O access error when updating the process image input table
P area, byte access, access address: 35 ////and also for address 8...35
process image partition no.: 0
not user relevant(Z1): 2942
Requested OB: Program execution error OB (OB85)
Priority class: 26
External error, Incoming event
02:16:.748 9 12/18/2011

Event 34 of 44: Event ID 16# 38C7
Distributed I/Os: station operational again, but error(s) in module parameter assignment
Address of the affected DP slave: station number: 11
DP master system ID: 1
Log. base address of the DP slave: Input address: 16366
Log. base address of the DP master: 16377
Requested OB: Rack failure OB (OB86)
Priority class: 26
External error, Outgoing event
02:16:.674 9 12/18/2011

Event 35 of 44: Event ID 16# 5961
Parameter assignment error in parameters for distributed S7 modules
Input address: 34 of the module with parameter assignment errors
Error type: Slot configured for CPU is not occupied or is occupied by a place holder, or a station has failed or the switched I/O system has lost its redundancy.
Data record number: 250
Operating mode: RUN
Event occurred in the master CPU in rack 0
External error, Incoming event
02:16:.673 9 12/18/2011
Image Image Image

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Re: [?]: CPU417-4H CPU Fault

Post by CoMod » Fri Jan 06, 2012 5:28 pm

BUS2F LED = error in Profibus, CPU not receive info from bad I/O station.
Check bad IM153: LEDs, +24V, Terminator On/Off position.

All CPUs LEDs are Flashing is bad CPU or Power modul PS405 (PS407).
RACK_1 CPU: Power Off, remove litium batteries and after 1-2 minute Power On.
Update fimware for both CPUs
http://support.automation.siemens.com/W ... en/6741018
Siemens support wrote:Dear Mr. ****,
But we are sorry, in the diagnostic buffer you attached there are no hints for a cause of a problem what leads the CPU to go into an indefinite state.
Do we understand correctly, does the CPU show in such a state "all LED's flashing"?
If yes, we first suggest to update the CPU to the latest relase.
For this you need a Memory Card with at least 4MB capacity (if you don't have such a one, please contact your regional Siemens partner) and you will find teh files for doing the update under:
Operating System Updates for CPU S7 support.automation.siemens.com
If such a state happens again, please save the diagnostic buffer after you can access the CPU again and read in in stop-mode so we receive 100 entries.

If you have further questions don't hesitate to contact me again."

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Re: [?]: CPU417-4H CPU Fault

Post by Umencho » Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:36 pm

In my case just unplug it from rack and reconnect it there. it should return back to normal state. But there is no guarantee that this will be forever.

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Re: [?]: CPU417-4H CPU Fault

Post by greg2008 » Sat Jan 07, 2012 4:46 pm

Answer in Google English
In addition, that our colleagues have already written
1. You can swap between s Profibus percent - will change diagnosis or not?
2. One processor is generally transferred to a stop - look at the behavior. Same for the other
2a is natural to look at the behavior of a system with only one processor without peripherals. From the program - just downloaded HW-config. In principle, for a cursory validity check on the configuration, you just download it without a program
3. Unhook one half Im153-2 from the bus connectors - see povedenie.Vozmozhna problem in active bus connectors. The idea is a good idea to try to achieve some of the truncated system in solo mode. And then build up the meat.
4. Work with each of the CPU at a time. The fault may be in the power supply PS-407. By the way its worth a look (PS) buffer diagnosis in each half their
5. Pick up the programmer to programmer via Profibus and diagnose Profibus.
6. You can try perezalit / firmware update

The fact that he wrote, probably in need of correction in terms of the sequence. fuss - a lot. All actions must be accompanied by viewing the diagnostic buffer.
отвечаю на русском, не настолько свободно владею английским - чтобы отвечать на нем столь тонкие моменты.
В дополнению, что коллеги уже написали
1. Можно поменять местами Profibus ы между процами - изменится диагностика или нет?
2. Один процессор вообще перевести в стоп - посмотреть на поведение. То же для другого
2a естественно посмотреть на поведение системы с только одними процессорами без подключенной периферии. Из программы - только загруженный HW-config. В принципе для беглой проверки правильности функционирования конфигурации, достаточно только ее загрузки без программы
3. Отцепить одну половину Im153-2 от шинных соединителей - посмотреть поведение.Возможна проблема в активных шинных соединителях. По идее неплохо бы попытаься добиться какой-то работы усеченной системы в соло режиме. А потом наращивать мясо.
4. Поработать с каждым из ЦПУ по отдельности. Неисправность может быть в блоке питания PS-407. К слову стоит посмотреть его (PS) буфер диагностики у каждой половинки свой
5. Подцепить программатор на Profibus и через программатор провести диагностику Profibus.
6. Можно попробовать перезалить/обновить прошивку

То, что написал, вероятно нуждается в коррекции с точки зрения последовательности. возни - немало. Все действия должны сопровождаться просмотром диагностического буфера.

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Re: [?]: CPU417-4H CPU Fault

Post by counterreset » Wed Feb 08, 2012 5:39 am

I have done the power recycle by removing the CPU from the Rack and set back again into the rack. The problem is gone. ???
As i described my problem in the first mail, i have DP 11 node problem earlier with SF lit and BF blinking but in this time the SF light of the DP 11(6ES7 153-2AA00-0XB0) is Lit. other then this everything is OK. I am using 6ES7 195-7HD00-0XA0 back plane bus connector, whether is the source of SF fault is the faulty back plane bus? Please give suggestion to find out the source of the problem. How i can check it?

I have two IM153-2, 6ES7 153-2BA02-0XB0 modules. I want to use it in place of the DP 11 6ES7 153-2AA00-0XB0. whether it is mandatory to change the Back plane bus connector to 6ES7 195-7HD10-0XA0. I checked it by connecting the 6ES7 153-2BA02-0AB0 modules with 6ES7 195-7HD00-0XA bus connectors(As i don't have 6ES7 195-7HD10-0XA0) the BF1 is blinking and BF2 is lit... Only i changed the hardware configuration and download into the PLC. Please suggest how i can use the 6ES7 153-2BA02-0AB0 in node DP11?


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Re: [?]: CPU417-4H CPU Fault

Post by CoMod » Wed Feb 08, 2012 6:05 am

Show DP Slave properties

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Re: [?]: CPU417-4H CPU Fault

Post by counterreset » Thu Feb 09, 2012 7:56 pm

Thanks for the DP Slave properties info.
As i want to use 6ES7 153-2BA02-0XB0 in place of 6ES7 153-2AA00-0XB0.
Please check the procedure should be like this:
a) Replacing the IM module in Hardware configuration. Then the necessary wiring for the new IM module in the control panel.
b) Only Download the Hardware configuration to the master PLC Rack_0. As program blocks are same i dont need to download that again.
If i missed anything in the Procedure please let me know.

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